Purge Control systems control and monitor the flow of buffer gas to a compressor packing case. A packing case contains sealing rings, which act to keep the compressed gas in the cylinder from migrating down the compressor rod. This equates to compressor efficiency, safety and enables the compressor cylinder to operate without exceeding air quality emissions standards. Purge Control systems enable the operator to quantify the amount of leakage past the rings and which rings in the packing case are leaking. Purge Control panels are normally used in EPA non-attainment areas or where process gas leakage presents a health safety hazard to personnel.

Buffer Puge Control Systems:

  • Automatically tracks the vent line pressure and adjusts the purge pressure to maintain a 15 PSI differential.
  • Monitors nitrogen buffer flow to the packing. An increase in the flow level indicates advanced wear of the packing.
  • Indicates actual purge pressure to ensure the 15 PSI differential over vent pressure.
  • Reports actual vent pressure. Increases in vent pressure indicate sealing ring wear.
  • Available for H2S applications.
  • Fully tested prior to delivery
  • The first system specifically designed for fugitive emission monitoring.
  • More that 40 years experience.
  • Complete design and support services staff.
  • Designed specifically for your plant requirements.
  • Purge control and monitoring system can be designed into a complete fugitive control package including the control system, packing cases, Static-Pac control and liquid collection pots.